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Eddie Proposes Idea for His Family Called “No Parenting Sundays”

Eddie wants to start “no parenting Sundays,” which means he and his wife take the day off from parenting.

They will still provide for them and feed them, he just wants to take the day off from teaching them lessons or getting mad at them for something. He just wants to chill and as long as they’re not breaking things, it’s all good.  

He came up with the idea because he’s exhausted. Every day of the week he’s working a full-time job on top of parenting four kids, and when Sunday comes around, he just wants to do nothing but hang around the house and watch TV. He talked to his wife about it, and she thought it was a great idea! Their kids won’t be aware of it, but on Sundays they will start giving them the choice of what they do or don’t want to do and whatever they choose, they won’t try to teach them a lesson about it.  

He plans to do the first “no parenting Sunday” this weekend and we’ll check back in with him next week to see how it goes.