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Stop Procrastinating. Be Proactive. Know Your Worth. Pray For Haiti.

Going old school today with 4 totally different things! If you're going to enjoy the FIRST THING, where Amy breaks down the 'Pomodoro Technique' so you can give it a try the next time you catch yourself putting something off. Remember: “The dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself.” — Rita Emmett

Think you have adult ADHD? The SECOND THING is for you, but it also turned into a PSA to do your breast exams, be your own advocate & be as proactive as possible with your health. 

THIRD THING is a blog post (You Are Worthy) from a listener named Alyssa Khrystyne! She wrote about her experience at the live podcast in Nashville & shared 4 main things that she took away from being there. We also love the super cool way God answered Alyssa's prayer about who to bring with her to the special!! 

Amy's friends at @myLIFEspeaks inspired the FOURTH THING with a heartbreaking update from Haiti & an urgent request for prayer. Go to their IG to see the post that Amy shared & tap the link in their bio for a script if you decide to reach out to your representatives.

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