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Bobby Teases Shows Coming This Summer

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show asking why when country artists come to her area in Massachusetts, they never offer a meet and greet. Bobby Bones said most times the local stations will host the meet and greets. The artists' team will let the station know they are coming to the area and offering a meet and greet for a certain number of people that they can give away at their disposal.  

Bones said when he does a show, they pay him a certain amount of money upfront no matter how many tickets he sells. They feel like if they give him that offer it would be worth the risk and hopefully, they’d make a little more than what they paid him. They will also charge a little more for the first few rows. How they justify that is they also include a meet and greet with those tickets. So, on Bones contract he agrees to do a certain number of meet and greets because of the deal he made with the venues.  

Most artists don’t offer meet and greets, unless it’s a charity giveaway. So, the only way to really get a meet and greet is to win it through a radio station, if it comes with the ticket you bought for the show, or if you know someone who is part of the crew who can get you back there.  

Bones teased that he has some shows happening this summer that he will announce soon!