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Lunchbox Upset Over Morgan Making The News

It’s been Lunchbox’s dream for years to make the news, but he never does. Now, Morgan thinks he will be upset at her because she made it on the news. She was in the parking lot of the gym when a news reporter stopped her and asked how she felt about the local crime that had been going on. She didn’t care about the news story, she just wanted to do it to say she made the news before Lunchbox.  

The story aired on the news and a lot of people were messaging her saying they saw her on the news! Lunchbox thinks it’s ridiculous because he goes to a lot of places and does many good Samaritan things and never gets asked to be on the news. He’s not happy for her because he’s done a lot of things to get featured, and all she did was walk from her car to the gym.  

Morgan said they spelled her last name wrong in the video, and she told them she works on The Bobby Bones Show, but the reporter didn’t seem to care.  

You can watch Morgan on the news here!