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Why Your Brain THINKS It Wants Sugar (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Do you struggle with binge eating, mindless eating, stress eating, or overeating in general?


Does it ever feel like food or sugar has a magnetic pull over you when you’re bored, sad, lonely, or stressed?


Have you ever wondered: “Am I addicted to sugar?”


If you’ve ever felt out-of-control when it comes to food and sugar, then this episode is for you! 


We will cover:


How you’re not really weak-willed, a self-sabotager, or a sugar addict – even if you THINK you are. 

Why and how your brain got ‘fired and wired’ to reach for sugar, and what your brain is REALLY telling you. 

How to relinquish the shame that comes alongside this (often shame-filled) topic. 


All that and more…




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