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Bobby Bones Show Shares Things They’ve Learned From TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

The Bobby Bones Show shared some things they’ve learned thanks to TikTok with a little TikTok Show and Tell.

TikTok has several life hacks and fun things to learn if you spend a large amount of time scrolling the app's for you page. Today the show brought several things that can help listeners from home security to changing your diet for better skin and hair. We also learned another use for hydrogen peroxide and how not to make several dishes dirty when making a smoothie.

Lunchbox learned that when someone knocks on your door, the worst thing you can do is get quiet and act like you’re not home.

Bobby Bones learned why you're diet may be the issue if you're having problems with your skin and hair.

Bones also shared why you should be drinking a gallon of water a day!

Eddie was shocked to learn that hydrogen peroxide is great to use to get blood off clothing!

Amy learned a hack if you're making milkshakes or smoothies and don't want to have more dishes to clean!

Bones also found a Kanye West AI singing country music!