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Eddie Shares Update After Doing ‘No Parenting Sundays’ For The First Time

Eddie came up with the idea to do ‘No Parenting Sundays,’ because by the end of the week, he and his wife are exhausted from constantly teaching their kids lessons. The general idea is to basically let the kids do whatever they want as long as they aren’t hurting anyone or breaking something. They are still the parents and will provide for them, but if the kids get into an argument, they’re going to let them figure it out on their own.  

This Sunday was the first time they did it. They didn’t give the kids a heads up about it, they just acted that way and waited to see what they were going to do. The kids played basketball and went to a friend's house while Eddie and his wife just chilled and watched TV and talked a lot. There were a few times they had to intervene, but it was just telling them not to do something.  

The one thing that went wrong was they made a big mess. They didn’t put stuff back after using it, left doors open and lights on and there were toys all over the house. So, Eddie came up with a new day, ‘Clean Up Mondays.’ After school, they will clean the whole house. Eddie and his wife felt ‘No Parenting Sundays’ was a success and will continue doing it!