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Eddie Claims He’s Doing Digital Detox After Church Suggestion

Eddie is doing a digital detox for the next 30 days after his church suggested it.

He will still take calls and answer texts, but he will stay off social media and game apps. Anything that is a time waster, he’s taking a break from it. He even plans to not really watch TV for the next 30 days but said if his kids are watching a basketball game he will watch, but he won’t purposely watch TV and zone out.  

His church said if it’s part of your job you still need to get it done, but don’t do anything extra. He will still do the digital part of his job and be on social media while he’s at work, but once work is done, he is staying off it. He’s even going to stay off the maps app and thought about getting an old school map of Nashville to get around town.