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Listener Gets All of The Show’s Signatures Tattooed On Arm

Listener Melissa asked everyone on The Bobby Bones Show to sign their name on a piece of paper so she could get it tattooed on her arm.

She finally got it done and from her wrist to her elbow, she has everyone's names tattooed on her, and in the center is Bobby Bones glasses and his quote “There is no straight line to success.” She loves it and says she’s gotten a lot of compliments on it. She said if one of the names tattooed on her leaves the show she won’t care because they were once part of her life, and it will remind her of a special moment in time. The tattoo cost about $200 to get done, and the show is honored that she is such a big fan and hopes to see the tattoo in person one day!  

See Melissa’s tattoo in the photos above and below!