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Lunchbox Crashed Set of Nicole Kidman’s Movie Filming to Audition for Role

Sometimes if you want to achieve your dreams and people don’t want you around, you need to kick down the door yourself.

That’s what Lunchbox tried to prove when he drove by the set of Holland, Michigan, a movie Nicole Kidman is in that is being filmed in Nashville. He’s had a longtime dream of being an actor and started taking acting lessons on Zoom during the pandemic. His resume consists of a small role in Friday Night Lights and a role in the Las Vegas play Bat Out of Hell, but with both roles his lines were cut. So, he was hoping this would be his big break.

He was in his car in the middle of the road because he couldn’t find parking when he started pitching for himself to be in the movie, while cars were beeping at him to get out of the way. There were a bunch of people walking around the set and he didn’t know who to talk to, so he just asked someone if they needed actors and quoted Forrest Gump's “Life is like a box of chocolates” line and hoped someone would hear and cast him.  

They told him they didn’t need any more actors and if he didn’t leave, they would call the police. But he was hoping instead they would call the director of the film and get him a role after hearing him act, but he had no luck. Lunchbox said it was an emotional experience and isn’t planning on giving up just yet. He’s going to go back to the set and try again soon!  

Photo: Getty Images