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Amy Finally Figured Out Source Of High Water Bill

For months, Amy has been getting massive water bills and couldn’t figure out why. One time the bill was as high as $600!

She had multiple plumbers come check it out, as well as the water company and they even put in a new water meter thinking that would solve the problem, but it didn’t.  

But she has finally figured out what the source of her high-water bills are after hiring a company that specializes in leak detection. They have radars that are able to tell underground if there is a leak without even digging. Within 20 minutes of being at her house, they found the leak. There was a bunch of water built up in her yard that the water company previously told her was from the drains when it rains, but it turns out that’s where the problem was coming from. There was a pin sized hole in a pipe that had been dumping half a gallon of water per minute! 

She is now waiting to get a quote back from this company to get it fixed. She also plans to call the water company and discuss how they misinformed her and because they did, she didn’t look into it further and they should give her a refund on her water bills.  

Photo: Getty Images