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Lunchbox Has Work Dilemma After Being Invited to Movie Premiere

Lunchbox has a big work dilemma he needs help with.

He has the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin the same weekend he was invited to the movie premiere of the new Fast and Furious movie, Fast X in Rome, Italy! The email didn’t say they were going to pay for his airfare or anything, it just looked like a ticket to attend a VIP screening of the film.   

No one else on the show received the invitation so he’s not sure why he did, but he doesn’t think he can pass on the opportunity to see this movie! He’s not sure how to handle it professionally if work tells him he needs to go to Austin for the festival. So, Bobby Bones made a deal with him and said if he follows up and they tell him everything is paid for, he will make sure he gets to attend the premiere.  

Photo: Getty Images