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Amy’s Daughter Got 15 Demerits During One Incident at School

Amy’s daughter Stachira got 15 demerits at once for one incident that happened to her at school.

Stachira wrote a bible verse on her arm that she was supposed to remember for a test and they thought she was cheating. She said she wrote it on her arm to study it all day since the class was later, and she wore long sleeves, so she was going to cover it with her sleeve while taking the test.

When asked why she didn’t just put it on a note card to look at all day, she said she didn’t want to possibly lose the card. While taking the test she never pulled up her sleeve to look at her arm, but later in the day she changed into a short sleeve shirt and then the verse was visible. She was immediately sent to the principal's office. Amy is going to have a meeting to try and figure out what exactly happened, since they didn’t catch her looking at it during the test, and hopefully get her demerits taken away.