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Amy and Lunchbox Upset With Different Taylor Swift Situations

Amy’s daughter is going to the Taylor Swift concert Sunday night in Nashville, and she can’t figure out what to wear. The big thing at Swift’s shows is to dress up as one of her era’s, and Amy’s daughter can’t decide which one she wants to dress as. She and her friend are very particular about what they wear, and any ideas Amy has suggested haven’t been good enough. They need something fast, so she went to Amazon and typed in “Taylor Swift Era’s Outfit” and had a bunch of results pop up. She ordered a lot of options for her to try and will return what she does not use!  

Lunchbox is also having a dilemma with Taylor Swift being in town this weekend. His wife wanted to go to the show, so he tried to buy tickets but couldn’t get them. His friend from high school reached out and asked if he knew anyone who needed tickets because they weren’t going to come to the Nashville show anymore. He told her he was actually looking for tickets and she said she’d sell them to him for $500 each, even though she only paid $350 per ticket. So, he’s upset at his friend for trying to scalp him! But the show pointed out that his friend is also giving him a deal because she could sell them for $1,000 or more since that’s how much tickets are going for.