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Bobby Got Pulled Over For Being On His Phone

Over the weekend, Bobby Bones got pulled over by police.

Bones' bluetooth wasn’t working in his car, and he got an important call, so he took it and put the phone to his ear. He was just talking on the phone, minding his own business when he heard police sirens. He thought he was going after someone else, so he was going to pull over and let him go by, but it turned out he was the one getting pulled over! He didn’t know what it was for at first because he wasn’t speeding and didn’t realize talking on the phone while driving was breaking the law. He pulled over to a safe place and kept his hands on the steering wheel to let the officer know he wasn’t up to any funny business, because he knows every time, they pull someone over their life in in danger.  

He went to the passenger side and asked him if he was talking on his phone. Bones didn’t try to argue with him and admitted it. He asked if he could give him the ticket quickly because he had a meeting he needed to get to, which he thinks weirded the officer out. He also thanked him and said he appreciated all that they do. It was a very bizarre experience for the officer, and he walked away after the interaction. Since he did it, Bones has no problem paying for the ticket! 

Photo: Getty Images