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Stranger Interrupted Eddie’s Interaction With Son at Baseball Game

Eddie is a dad of four and often shares a lot of dad stories on The Bobby Bones Show.

His sons play baseball and one of them had a bad game. He struck out and missed a few catches and he took it really hard on himself and as they were walking to the car, he started to cry. Eddie sat him down and told him everything would be okay, and they would work harder and practice more.  

Then out of the blue, some lady came up to them and asked if he was okay, to which Eddie replied he was fine. She said she wanted to check on them and make sure everything was okay, but it made Eddie upset because he didn’t know what she was going to do about it. He’s his dad and he was having a conversation with him and thought she should’ve minded her own business.  

The show didn’t think she had bad intentions and he should’ve looked at her as someone who cares but understood why he thought it was weird.