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Bobby Played in Celebrity Pickleball Tournament

Yesterday, Bobby Bones played in a celebrity pickleball tournament for Make a Wish Foundation at Belmont University in Nashville.

Dierks Bentley, Eric Decker, Phillip Phillips, Chris Lane and others were there, as well as professional pickleball players. An announcer was there to introduce the celebrities and they introduced Bones as “Bobby Jones.” This happens to him often, so he just half waved and walked over the court. He heard half the crowd shouting that his last name was not Jones, and the other half was laughing. His partner was Lane, who told him he just got asked to participate the night before and didn’t know how to play. So, he quickly tried from YouTube videos, compared to Bones who had been training for months. They didn’t do as well as he hoped, but they had a lot of fun and raised a bunch of money. Bentley and his band member, Ben, ended up winning the celebrity tournament!  

You can see some pictures from the day that Bones posted on his Instagram here!