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Runaway June Share What They Do With Merch Featuring Ex-Band Members

Runaway June stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their new song, “Make Me Want to Smoke," their new vibe and share what they do with merch that features ex-band members on it.  

The members of Runaway June: Stevie WoodwardNatalie Stovall and Jennifer Wayne, are taking some risks to stand out and be different with their new song “Make Me Want to Smoke.” It has a whole new vibe compared to their typical sound, it’s edgy and contains some rock elements in it. When they first heard it, they instantly knew they had to cut it. Woodward and Stovall call themselves rock chicks who are constantly playing rock music around Wayne, who prefers country, so this song has a cool way of incorporating all their styles. They have been in the studio writing a ton of new music and are working on a record now.  

They are about to enter their busy season because they are performing at multiple festivals this summer, which are their favorite type of show. They love that the crowd is loose and has high energy. They still have some left over merchandise with ex-band members on it, and just sold a bunch of the shirts at their last show. They said there is no reason to just let it sit around when they can profit off of it.  

Wayne is the granddaughter of John Wayne. He was her grandfather on her mother's side, and he died three years before she was born. She recently visited his wife, her grandmother, who loves to share stories about their time together and shares stories of encounters with old Hollywood figures like Marilyn Monroe. Wayne has some of her grandfather's memorabilia like his hats and guns. Her daughter just turned one and is really starting to come into her own. Over the weekend, they were on a plane until two in the morning and her daughter was crawling all over the place, which was amusing the people on the plane. She said since becoming a mother she has a whole new respect for parents traveling with children.  

You can catch Runaway June on the road this summer! More info at