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Bobby Bones Show Admits The Biggest Regret Of Their Lives

Members of The Bobby Bones Show went around the room and admitted what the biggest regret of their life is. Find out their answers below!  

  • Bobby Bones has a professional and personal one. His personal one was not coming back from college to spend more time with his grandmother before she passed away. Professionally it was when he played a sound effect that fined him a million dollars by the FCC. A lot of times when he’s messed up, he’s learned something from it, but he didn’t learn anything from that.  
  • Eddie is not doing better in school. When he graduated from high school, all his friends went to college, and he went two years later.  
  • Lunchbox’s biggest regret was going to class in college. He drove to College Station to audition for The Real World’s open casting call and when he left, he knew he dominated it. He drove back to San Antonio and went to his night class, and when he got home, he had a missed call from a number in L.A. 
  • Amy’s is not asking her parents more questions when they were alive. Because there are things she wants to know, like even simple stuff like recipes for things, but now she has no way of finding out.