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Bobby Shares Rejected Segments From April

Bobby Bones shared rejected segments that didn’t make it on to The Bobby Bones Show in April. They were rejected because they were either dangerous, hurtful, boring, or they could get people fired.  

Below are the top five rejected segments:  

  1. Mike D suggested ‘Easy Trivia, Hard Consequences.’ The first person who loses gets shot with three paint balls, the second person gets shot with two and the last one out gets shot with one. 
  2. We tell Lunchbox he is going to a company photoshoot, but when he gets there it’s a boudoir photoshoot. He said if they offered him enough money, he’d follow through with it.  
  3. Lunchbox suggested ‘Win a Date with Amy’ because she needs to get back out on the dating scene! We bring in three single people to play the match game, she chooses one and then we follow up to see if there is a second date.  
  4. Eddie wanted to do a segment about him needing reading glasses. It wasn’t chosen because it’s boring.  
  5. Lunchbox wrote that the company is a bunch of liars because they sent an email saying they were going to have free fajitas for lunch for everyone at the studio from 11:45 to 12:45. He went in there at 12:15 and there was hardly any food left. There are not many people who work in the building so he couldn’t understand why they didn’t get enough food for everyone.