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These Are The Things Bobby Bones Show Wants To Be Remembered For

The members of The Bobby Bones Show went around the room and shared what they want to be remembered for. Find out their answers below!  

  • Eddie – He wants people to remember him as the person who brought the fun to everything.  
  • Lunchbox – Wants people to remember him as a “baller” who was living the high life, had flashy things and was always in VIP.  
  • Amy – Has been leaning into being a connector and creating connections with people, so that’s what she’d like to be remembered for. She avoided connection a lot of her life so she’s excited about that.
  • Bobby Bones – Wants to be remembered for proving that where you come from does not have full control of where you can go in life. Just because you come from somewhere where things aren’t the easiest, that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue and crush any dream you have! And also, his discipline.