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Amy Saw Another Sign, This Time About Her Acting Classes

Amy received another sign from God that she is on the right path.

Her acting coach has wanted her to challenge herself and sign up for improv classes. It’s not for her to try and be a comedian, it’s more to put herself in an uncomfortable situation and prove that she can do it. It’s been in discussion for a while, but she keeps putting it off.  

While they were talking about it, she saw comedian Danae Haze walk by! She follows her and is a big fan. The crazy thing was, Amy wasn’t sure where to sign up for improv classes in town, so she introduced herself, and it turned out Haze used to listen to The Bobby Bones Show and gave Amy the name of a good improv coach and told her she’d refer her. Now Amy felt comfortable about selecting the right place for her and she got it from someone who is in that space! It was the sign she needed that it was the next thing she needed to do.