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Amy Shares Crazy Story About Eating Animal Poop To Find Them

Hunting shotguns on haystack during sunrise in expectation of hunt

Photo: Getty Images

Amy shared a crazy story she heard about how you’re supposed to eat animal poop if you want to find them.  

Her sister and husband live in Colorado, and they have their TV show, Building Roots, and one of the guys who works on the show with them is an avid hunter there. When they were all in town together, they went to dinner and it somehow got brought up that whichever animal you’re trying to hunt, you eat their poop to learn what to look for, how far the animal was and when they were there.  

No one on the show had heard of this before, and Bobby Bones used to hunt, but he never did that. They researched it and didn’t find any info about it, so she thinks he might have been joking with her. She is going to get a voice memo of him explaining it to get a better update.  

Photo: Getty Images