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Dr. Lori Evaluates Eddie’s Most Precious Items

“America’s appraiser” Dr. Lori came on The Bobby Bones Show to evaluate some of Eddie’s items that he thinks are worth a lot of money.

Dr. Lori is one of the most famous appraisers, doing 150 shows around the country every year since 1998. She contributes to the new Netflix show, King of Collectables: The Goldin Touch, that is produced by Peyton Manning. On the show, she helps appraise cool collector items and celebrities like Drake and Mike Tyson appear on the show. She said doing the show has been a great time and she hopes it has a long lifespan because she enjoys contributing to it.  

Over the years she has found some items that are worth multi-millions, so Eddie requested a meeting with her to evaluate some old items he had that he thinks might be worth some big money and can help him retire early. Eddie always talks about how he can’t wait to retire, but he has no money in his 401K. He dug up his old memory box that he’s had since he was 19 years old and has traveled with him to every place he’s ever lived. In the box he found three old bottles and a silver coin he wanted to know the worth of.  

The first bottle she looked at had a small hint of blue in it, indicating it had some lead in the glass. She priced it at about $15. The second bottle said chemical works on it and was round and blue, meaning it was an apothecary bottle and probably had a drug or chemical in it. She priced that one at $50. The third bottle was much bigger than the rest so Eddie thought it would be worth a lot, but it was also only $50.  

She then took a look at his coin. It had a buffalo on the back and a Native American Indian head in profile on the other side. It said it was .999 silver, which meant it was almost pure silver, but today’s silver market isn’t worth much right now, so she valued it at only $35. Eddie thought all his items would be at least $500, but he’s happy he got some money to start putting towards retirement. In the past, Dr. Lori appraised Mike D’s Pokémon card collection, Bobby Bones Beanie Babies and will evaluate Amy’s Madame Alexander Dolls soon!  

For more information on Dr. Lori, go to her website: and follow her on Instagram @drloriv.