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Young Listener LJ Had The Best Time Backstage at Our iHeartCountry Festival

Back in February, listener Mallory called into the show and said her son LJ, is a big fan of The Bobby Bones Show and loves country music, and he was turning 10 years old soon. He also plays drums in his own band called 'Kid Country.' So as a surprise for his birthday, Bobby Bones called him with iHeartCountry Festival tickets for the show that happened in Austin, Texas this past weekend.  

LJ was so excited, and Bones arranged for him to come backstage and introduced him to several country artists like Luke Bryan, who told him he has the best name while they talked about hunting and fishing. He also met Justin Moore, who asked him to report back to him if playing the drums get more girls over playing guitar, and if it does, he will have to switch to playing drums like him. He met Bailey Zimmerman, who he said was so nice and messaged him on Instagram after. They also connected on having the same pair of boots! He also got to see Kane Brown’s drums.

He spent a lot of time walking backstage with Bones and also hung out with Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, and Morgan. Eddie interviewed LJ about tackle football. LJ tried to convince Eddie to let his son play tackle football by telling Eddie all about his first tackle football season this year and playing at the tournament games on the Cowboys field. 

Everyone loved meeting him and LJ said it was the best weekend of his life!