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The Reason Amy Has Trust Issues (5th Thing)

Today's quote is from Annie Gottlier: "When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many things that are going right." Amy pulled this from the '4 Things Gratitude Journal' along with this one from Jessica Honniger: "What if all you ever wanted is what you have right now? Gratitude is the byproduct of contentment." Both quotes are so good...Jessica's got Amy thinking about contentment and what that really means. Her favorite definition of it is: peaceful satisfaction!!! However, she did NOT have peaceful satisfaction the other day when she found out how much it was going to cost to fix the leaking pipe at her house OR when she realized there were raisins in her oatmeal cookies. Kat gives her opposing stance on raisins and they both share 4 things they are grateful for in this episode. Focusing on gratitude is a game changer. It doesn't ignore the situation, but redirects get back to that peaceful satisfaction faster!

They also go over a couple of listener emails from Julie and Katie. Julie wanted to get the 'Lucky Days' poem that Amy's sister, Cristi wrote because she wants to frame it in her house. It's such a special poem, so Amy decided to read it again for those that have never heard it or may need to hear it again. Katie wanted to know where to get the buffalo necklace that was mentioned a few weeks ago! 

Hope you enjoy the episode & have the day you need to have!

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P.S. The '4 Things Gratitude' journal is a great way to practice gratitude and a thoughtful gift for someone too! ALL proceeds go to Project Medishare in Haiti where they provide education for children and prenatal and postnatal care for moms & babies. Haiti is really suffering right now, so they could use our help. If the journal is something you've been thinking about is the time. There are two cute color combo options. Click HERE to see them! 

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