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Lunchbox Spills The Tea On Morgan For Bad Driving

Lunchbox spills the tea probably the most out of everyone on The Bobby Bones Show, and today he is spilling it on Morgan.  

He was sitting at a stop light, and Morgan’s jeep was in front of him. When the light turned green, she turned left right away even though there was no left turn signal, and there was a car coming straight across the intersection.

They both swerved and made eye contact. Morgan apologized as the car went around her. Lunchbox called her immediately to ask what happened and she told him she thought the car was parked, that’s why she went. Morgan admitted she messed up and said it was because she was at a stop sign where there were parked cars on both sides of the street, and she truly did think the car was parked. She said it was a long day and panicked turned, but owned up to her mistake.