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Dan + Shay On The Adele Collaboration That Never Happened

Dan + Shay have been working hard in the studio for a long time preparing to release new music. They came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their new project, why they took a break from social media, their new outlook on their career, and the Adele collaboration that never happened.  

Their new song “You” is close to becoming their 10th number one song. They had thought about naming it something different but knew the simple title would never go out of style. People are always looking for love songs, and this song has taken on a life of its own. It wasn’t the first single they released from their latest album, Good Things, but they noticed fans loved it. They said it’s been special to see how the song has become part of other people’s lives and have seen it used for a lot of promposals, something they didn’t know was a thing until recently. To them, “You” is a continuation to “Speechless.” It’s one of those big songs used for life moments like weddings.  

Dan + Shay formed in 2013 and recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary. When they reflect on all they have accomplished, the moment they won a GRAMMY for “Tequila” sticks out for them. That’s when they felt like their music had been exposed to the masses. That song helped launch their self-titled album which got them to start playing in arenas. They recently have had a whole new outlook on their career and said the moments they’ve had making their soon to be announced new album have been amazing and they feel it is their best work yet.  

With their new album they’re currently working on, it’s the first time in 10 years they’ve been able to really focus on making a record from start to finish and not just putting it together quickly. They are currently off the road and getting back to what makes them happy and filling their cup up with what they love: writing and recording. And their focus is to make a very cohesive record that truly feels like themselves and where they both are in their current stage of life. Working on this new album has been the most fun season of their life because they feel more present, which means they are writing more honest songs, and they know their fans deserve the best of them. They said once the album is out, even if others don’t like it, they won’t care because they can say it is truly Dan + Shay and they put their full heart into it and they are happy with the new era they are in.  

Back in March, Dan posted that he was doing a social media detox. He said social media is a necessary evil for him. It has helped their career by people discovering their music, but a lot of negatives have come from it too. In 2021 when they were doing their first headlining tour, he found himself in a dark place where his focus wasn’t on the music, but instead how his life looked on social media. They had sold out some incredible arenas like Madison Square Garden, and his only thought was to take a video to post on Instagram. He got to such a bad place with it he thought about quitting music. So, he took a break from social media to refocus on what he is passionate about and brought himself back to music. When they release their new album, they plan to get back on social media, but it won’t be as daunting anymore.  

Dan + Shay have worked with some incredible artists, most notably their collab with Kelly Clarkson on their song “Keeping Score,” and the genre-crossing song “10,000 Hours” with Justin Bieber. They did admit the one artist they tried really hard to record a song with, but it never happened was Adele. They are smart about who they ask to work with, and if they think it’ll be a no, they won’t even bother to try. Dan + Shay admit they have worked through a lot of issues they’ve had with each other and the direction they wanted their music and career to go. But after taking a break and communicating with each other, they are in a much better place and have an extremely positive outlook on the future.  

Dan + Shay’s new album is under lock and key for now, but fans can expect new music soon!