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Jason Aldean Shares Details About New Song “Try That In A Small Town”

Jason Aldean called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the world premiere of his new song “Try That In A Small Town.”  

When Aldean first heard “Try That In A Small Town,” he immediately knew the song was for him because it resonated with him. The song explains how he feels about what is going on in the world. He said, “Everyday you turn on the news and see something crazy happened and a new heartbreaking story.” His new songs explain how you wouldn’t get away with that in a small town and Aldean wishes people would adapt to those values more.  

When Aldean is deciding on new songs to record, he listens to a lot of demos he gets sent. Then chooses the best 100, narrows it down to 20 and then down to the best 12-15 that will be on the album. It’s a pretty long process but he enjoys finding new music and bringing it to his fans. 

Aldean is currently 90% done with his new album!