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Bobby Had Horrible Weekend With His Dogs

Bobby Bones had a rough weekend with both of his dogs.

Saturday night his bulldog, Stanley, started choking and had a squeak noise coming out of his throat. He started to convulse so they rushed him to the emergency vet. They found out he swallowed a huge squeaker toy and that’s what was making the noise inside his throat. He was choking but could still breathe a little, so they tried to induce vomiting, but nothing came out. So, they did X-Rays, and found a huge thing stuck in his intestine! He stayed overnight and Bones left the vet around three in the morning. When he went back to get him, they said it’s not out yet but he’s not in pain, so if he doesn’t pass it in 48 hours, they will have to do surgery. 

As they went to get him, their other dog, Eller, who they rescued a few years ago, dug her way under the fence and escaped. They live by a busy highway and a neighbor told them they saw her run across the interstate. He drove around looking for her for about three hours while his wife stayed by the house in case she came back. As he drove back home, his wife told him to stop because they heard a squeak nearby. That’s when they saw Eller through the woods locked in a neighbor's yard going crazy. The neighbor told Bones they found her running in the road and they took her in so she wouldn’t get hit.  

Thankfully, Eller came back home safe, but Stanley still hasn’t passed what’s stuck inside him, and if he doesn’t by tonight and they will take him in tomorrow for surgery.  

Bones documented everything that happened this weekend on his TikTok!