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Eddie Admits He Has Gone Through His Wife’s Phone

A study revealed that 82% of people have snooped through their partner's phone. So, The Bobby Bones Show members shared if they have before. 

  • Eddie admitted he’s snooped through his wife's phone before. He 100% trusts her, but when a text comes through and he doesn’t know that number, he looks to see who it is.  
  • Lunchbox said he’s never gone through anyone’s phone but has looked at someone’s screen if he’s by it and something pops up.  
  • Amy admitted she has snooped through people’s phones in the past when she was trying to control too many things, but she wouldn’t do it now.  
  • Bobby Bones has never snooped because he knows if he goes looking, he might find something he does not like.  
  • Scuba Steve shared he snooped through his ex-wives phone when she was cheating on him, and while doing that, he found many other secrets too.