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Bobby Thinks He Saw the Girl Version of Him From Another Dimension

About a year ago, Bobby Bones shared a story where he and his wife were having breakfast at a place when an older couple sat next to them.

They started talking and found out they had a lot of similarities. He was a little older than his wife, he was from Arkansas, and she was from Oklahoma. They gave them advice about being a married couple, then Bones went to the bathroom and when he came back, they were gone. His wife said she didn’t see them leave either, so he’s convinced that was them from the future. 

Now he thinks he sat across from the girl version of him the other day at dinner. She looked exactly like him but as a girl. She had dark glasses and similar facial features, but she had long dark hair. His wife agreed she looked like him too, but they didn't get a picture because they didn't want to be creepy. Bones now thinks he’s met the future him and girl him from another dimension!