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Lunchbox Had His First Speaking Engagement

Lunchbox has his first public speaking engagement at a career day zoom for kids in 4th – 5th grade!

He roped Amy into doing it with him too because she was in the room, and he tossed it over to her to share some advice. He also made a video that Eddie had to edit for him. Lunchbox said his public speaking circuit got off to a rough start because right away he called the elementary school the wrong name and got no reaction from the students until a teacher texted with the correct name of the school. He tried to play it off as a joke and then the kids started to react to him more. He then told the students they didn’t need a college degree to get a job because he didn’t get one! 

Overall, he spoke for about five minutes and thinks it went pretty well and they enjoyed it. The fourth graders takeaway after hearing him speak at career day is that he has a fun job and gets to meet a lot of celebrities. He did this public speaking gig for free, to set the precedent so he can say he’s been speaking at schools and put it on his resume and have credibility. He hopes to get more opportunities after this one!