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Intuition 101: God, May I Be a Vessel of Service?

Welcome to Soul Sessions! Amanda Rieger Green invites you on a journey to explore your intuitive development- deepening your connection with your higher power, the universe, God, or faith in an effort to better know yourSelf and feel aligned with your soul’s evolutionary path.

Intuition takes courage, practice and dedication. As children, we come onto the planet highly intuitive and curious. For some people that sticks, and for others it’s underdeveloped or halted at times based on life experience. Amanda is going to show you how to build and strengthen your intuitive muscles while developing a community where we can get curious and have fun together in our own self-exploration. 

This week, Amanda shares her journey through the dark night of the soul, which blocked her from the sunlight of the spirit. Dealing with old traumas through alcoholism, addiction, depression, and anxiety, Amanda wasn’t living an aligned life or feeling connected to God and source energy. When she came to a place of compassionate surrender, she started developing hope and the desire for peace- wanting to heal, live clearer and more aligned with something greater. 

While her gifts are organic, they didn’t happen overnight. Amanda was using her intuitive gifts in a leadership capacity in the healthcare field and eventually could not deny her soul’s calling to support others in channeling and focusing their divine spark. Amanda wants to share practical tools & techniques to help you learn to embody your innate wisdom. She tells the story of her first time reading spirit for someone she didn’t know which affirmed her God-given gifts, sparked deeper personal meaning, and helped her know that we are not alone. 

Join us on this journey – be curious, ask questions, get your spiritual light turned on, and learn to live authentically yourself! 



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