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Shady or Not Shady? Eddie & Lunchbox Share Stories

Eddie and Lunchbox shared stories of recent things they’ve done, and The Bobby Bones Show determined if they thought it was or wasn’t shady behavior.  

Eddie’s kids bought tickets to see the new Fast and Furious movie. They spent only about 15 minutes in the theater because there was a lot of blood, and they didn’t like it, so they left. As they were walking out, they saw the new Guardians of The Galaxy movie had just started in another theatre, so they went in. Back in the day, Eddie used to buy only one ticket to a movie and then go to multiple movies for free. The show determined it was not sketchy because they hardly watched the first movie they bought the tickets for.   

Lunchbox’s story was from his weekend in Oklahoma City with his family. They went for a wedding and didn’t want to lug the pack ‘n play for their one-year-old onto the plane. The Airbnb they stayed at didn’t have a crib, so when they got there, he stopped at a big box store and bought a pack ‘n play. They used it all weekend and it worked out great! On their way back to the airport to leave, he stopped at the store and returned it. The show determined it was sketchy behavior because now that it’s been returned, they have to mark down the price and lose money on it.