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Lunchbox Wants to Sue Airbnb for Bug in Drink

Lunchbox has been sharing his experience at the Airbnb he stayed at this past weekend in Oklahoma City, and now he’s worried he might have to sue them.

While he was staying there, there was an infestation of earwig bugs. They were everywhere and he even found one in his niece's hair. When he woke up one morning and grabbed his water bottle off the counter, he took a drink and felt something crawling in his mouth. He spit it out because one of the bugs was in the bottle! He informed the owners of the Airbnb about it and thought they’d give him a discount, but they didn’t. They told him they could fumigate the place, but everyone would have to be out of the house for five hours, which they couldn’t do.

The show agreed he shouldn’t sue, but he should get his money back.