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Scuba Steve Shared He Finally Made Appointment For Vasectomy

After months of refusing, Scuba Steve has finally given in and is getting a vasectomy this weekend.

After having a conversation with his wife, it led to him realizing he wanted to keep her and the marriage happy, so he’s going to get it done. He said he’s never been this nervous about anything in his entire life and is looking into freezing options in case they change their mind in a few years and want to have more kids. But he’s going through with the procedure and said in a few days the “factory will be shut down.” He could get it reversed, but there is only a 30% success rate it will work again.  

The recovery depends on how well he handles pain but was told it will take two to five days to fully recover. He’s going to get drugged up so he’s not awake during the process and will share updates next week on how it went.