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Are You Using Food & Exercise As A Weapon? (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: I’ve been on diets and weight loss programs since the age of 7.


I got really good at outsmarting whatever plan or program I was on.


I got really good at “fake it till you make it” and motivational pump-me-ups.


I got really good at tricking the scale, tricking my stomach, and tricking my mind.


I got really good at living my life hungry, tired, miserable and restricted.


Yup I mastered them alright, but there was a major cost.


Food was the boss of me.




I was a slave to my brutal workout routine to ensure that I didn’t gain anything back.


Because no matter how motivated or disciplined I got myself to be on a day to day basis, food and exercise still ruled my every move.


So how can YOU tell if you’re using food and exercise as a tool to get yourself healthy? Or...


...if you’re using it as a weapon: a weapon of punishment, control, restriction, or shame.


In this episode of Outweigh we talk about four tell-tale signs to help you discover if you too are using food & exercise as a weapon AND if so, how you can change that!

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