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Scuba Steve Still Hasn’t Worked On His TV Show Script

We got an update from Scuba Steve about his whole TV script situation.

He hasn’t worked on his TV script anymore since we last talked about it on the Bobby Bones Show, because he says life and work continues to get in the way. He’s had an idea for 10 years but has stopped working on it in recent years and keeps making excuses as to why he can’t focus on it. Bobby Bones gave him 15 minutes each show to go into his office and only work on the script, but he still has made no progress.  

He said it hasn’t happened yet because he needs to prioritize what is more important in life right now, which is his family and work. He knows he’s making excuses when he says he got sidetracked by kids or work, but it’s difficult to focus on one thing when he has multiple other things he needs to focus on too. He knows if he’s serious about it he’ll have to make sacrifices. He admitted it’s his fault he hasn’t started working on it and he’s done making excuses and going to start this week!