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Bobby Shares Update on His Dog Stanley About Squeaker in Stomach

Bobby Bones dog, Stanley, went to the emergency room last week because he was choking on a squeaker from a toy.

They did X-rays and found the squeaker in his intestines and told Bones if he doesn’t pass it on his own, they’ll have to perform surgery on him to get it out. Bones has been examining his poop and hasn’t found anything. Once a month, he has a service come to his house and picks up dog poop in their yard and asked them to look for the squeaker, but they couldn’t find it either! And as of now he’s feeling good and doesn’t look like he’s in pain, but they still haven’t found the mystery swallowed squeaker anywhere. Next week, they are going to take him back for one more X-ray to see if it’s still in his intestines, and if it is, he’ll have to go in for surgery.

So far, Stanley has had 15 surgeries in his life.