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Lunchbox and Morgan Spill The Tea On Each Other

Lunchbox attempted to spill the tea on Morgan, but it didn’t go so well.

He called her last Wednesday around 3 in the afternoon to ask her a technology question, and he said she was slurring her words. He was asking her to look at the screenshots he sent her, but she said she didn’t receive them. During their whole conversation she was slurring so he thought she was drunk on a Wednesday afternoon and called her out on the show. It turned out she was not drunk but had just gotten back from a dentist appointment where she had two fillings, so she was a little drugged up. Lunchbox’s attempt to spill the tea was unsuccessful, but Morgan also had tea she needed to spill on him.

She was walking down the hallway and heard Lunchbox talking on the phone. He didn’t see her because she was behind the wall, but she heard him say that he will bring home some snacks from the green room at work for his kid's lunches. So, he got caught admitting that he’s stealing snacks for guests and bringing them home! He said he wasn’t admitting to stealing the snacks, just that his wife was reminding him to bring some home for the kids. Members of the show were upset to find out he was doing this because he can afford to buy his kids snacks and doesn’t need to steal them from work. So, to solve the problem, Lunchbox said he’ll bring his kids as “guests” into the green room and let them take as many snacks as they want.