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Lunchbox Attempted To Crash Nicole Kidman’s Movie Set

Lunchbox is trying really hard to be a part of the Nicole Kidman movie that is being filmed in Nashville. He found the set once and crashed it asking if they needed any extra actors and even auditioned in front of some crew members, but they asked him to leave.  

He's still obsessed with trying to be in this movie, so he found their new filming location, and attempted to crash the set once again. They had the road blocked and barricades up, so he walked up as far as he could to the house they were filming in and started to yell for Kidman. His kids were with him too and were confused why he was yelling for another woman. He yelled that they had met once and that his wife approved for him and her to do a romance scene together.  

Security came up to him and told him he listens to The Bobby Bones Show so he knows what he is doing and needs to stop. He said he didn’t want to hear himself on the show, but if Lunchbox promised not to talk, he could take him to a porch down the road and let him sit and watch. He was able to get a video of Kidman filming the scene in the front yard. The porch was filled with people from the area who were also allowed to watch, so he wasn’t able to network with anyone to try and get a role in the movie. But he learned that they shoot the same scene about 50 times to make sure they got the right shot.