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Scuba Steve Shares Update After Vasectomy

After months of saying he wouldn't get a vasectomy done, Scuba Steve finally got it done over the long weekend.

At first, he was more nervous for the anticipation and thought once get got it done it wouldn’t be as bad, but it was worse than he thought and called it a pain “he never experienced in his entire life.” Everyone told him it would only hurt for a day or two, but it’s been almost a week and he’s still in a lot of pain.   

He got it done because after he and his wife had their third child, she told him she can’t mentally and physically handle having another child. She came to the appointment with him for support, and because he witnessed the birth of three children and wanted her to witness the anti-birth. She watched as the procedure happened and explained to him what happened, so he knows why he’s in so much pain.  

When he first got in the room and was waiting for the procedure to begin, they played music and the first song that came on was “Cuts Like a Knife” by Byran Adams and the next was “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash. He asked if the playlist was a setup and the doctor told him no, but he almost took it as a sign to leave. 

When it was done, he only took half of a pain pill since he’s allergic to them, but he felt the pain the whole time. Especially when he got home, and his kids wanted to play but he was told not to pick up anything that weighs more than five pounds. He spent the whole weekend on the couch resting with ice, and a week later, he is still sitting on ice packs to help with the pain.  He said his doctor did a great job, but no matter what anyone tells you, you’re still going to feel pain and he rated his pain at a 7.5!