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Morgan Yelled At For Using Handicap Stall In Packed Bathroom

Morgan was at the airport and she went to a bathroom that had a line.

The only stall open was the handicap bathroom, so she used it. When she came out there was a handicapped woman waiting and she yelled at her. Morgan immediately regretted using that bathroom, apologized, and wondered what the rule was for handicap bathroom stalls. The Bobby Bones Show agreed that stall isn’t just for handicapped people, it’s just the one that has everything they need, and handicapped people need to wait in line too, so the stall shouldn’t be left open all the time. Unlike a handicap parking spot that you should never park in unless needed, the handicap stall is a bit different. Sometimes the baby changing station is in the handicap stall too, so it’s not just for handicapped people, it’s just easily accessible for them if needed.  

In the end, the show agreed Morgan did nothing wrong, and if there is an option to take another stall that is open, take that one, but if not, the handicap stall is fine to use.