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Learning to Love My Body Will Take Time, But I'm Okay With That (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: We're bombarded with pressure to look a certain way. It can be overwhelming and constantly worrying about your appearance can distract you from living your life. Amy wants you to feel empowered by rejecting these thoughts and to start practicing radical self-love! To help you REFRAME things, Amy shares positive affirmations/mantras that will help you on your journey towards loving yourself more: mindy, body and soul! The goal of the affirmations is to train your brain to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. Reframing takes time, but you are worth it, and it can start with 1 simple affirmation (although Amy shares several for you to work with!) Amy also closes this episode out with 2 journaling prompts that will help you have more positive thoughts about yourself and gratitude for your body!


Amy Brown // @RadioAmy //

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