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Lunchbox Has Goal To Wash Hands With Every Celebrity In Studio

A few months ago, Lunchbox washed his hands with Keith Urban in our show bathroom, now he has a goal to do it with every celebrity who comes to the studio!  

In the men's bathroom they only have one sink so when they’re washing their hands, he goes in at the same time so he can say he’s washed hands with a celebrity! He wants to do it with every celebrity so he can tell people he’s not only met this celebrity, but he’s also washed hands with them. So far, he’s done it with Urban and Adam Duritz from Counting Crows. When it happened with Duritz’s, he said it was interesting and quickly left the bathroom.  

To make sure he can reach this goal, after every interview, he rushes to the bathroom so he can be in there at the same time in case they use it. Sometimes he just sits in the stall and waits for them. They don’t always come in, but when they do, he’s prepared to jump in and use the sink at the same as them. His ultimate goal is to wash hands with Garth Brooks.