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Things The Bobby Bones Show Is Really Terrible At

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the things that they are really terrible at. Find out their answers below!  

  • Bobby Bones – Wheel of Fortune. It could be one letter and he still would have no idea.  
  • Eddie – Math. It’s been tough because his son is bad at math too and he’s been trying to help him get better, but he struggles with it too.  
  • Lunchbox – Rhythm. He’s super bad at staying on beat and rhythm in general.  
  • Amy – Singing. She’s not great but she’s not terrible. Others chimed and said she’s bad at driving, staying focused, and not hitting walls when she walks down the hall.  

They also shared what their warning label would say if they came with one:  

  • Eddie - “Feed this man or he’s about to get hangry.”  
  • Lunchbox - “Stay back six feet, smell strong odor.”  
  • Amy - “Watch out” it applies to her driving, walking and scams.  
  • Bobby Bones - “Vision impaired.”  

Photo: Getty Images