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Amy's Near Death Experience (5th Thing)

This chat ended up being a PSA to set up your emergency contacts in your phone ASAP if you haven't already done it. However, you might want to make sure that you select people that will actually respond if an SOS gets sent out. Amy for sure needs to rethink hers...since she basically could have been murdered or kidnapped this weekend...and nobody would have saved her. 

Other topics:

- Don't sleep on Facebook Marketplace, it has some good finds!

- Is Amy supposed to change her name because Brown isn't her maiden name?

- Kat teaches us how to figure out who a lost phone belongs to if you find it! 

- Amy shares an email from a listener named Katie who has seen a dramatic shift in her life since she started practicing gratitude!!

- What is something you're proud of yourself for today?

- Amy's new podcast room (filming the 5th Thing will start soon!!)

- Is Kat a good therapist?


Today's quote is from Jay Shetty: "If you can build a muscle, you can build a mindset." 

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