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Listener Shares Personal Opinion of Bobby Bones Show Power Rankings

A few months ago, listener Megan in California sent in her power rankings of who she thought was the best on The Bobby Bones Show. Last time, Amy came in last, but she sent in a new ranking! On this list, Abby was left off by accident.  

This is Megan’s updated power ranking list:

  1. Bobby Bones - He is the only one she considers a celebrity. His biggest strengths are his interview skills, he’s the most well-rounded on the show and without him the show would be chaos.  
  2. Amy – She is the glue that keeps the show together. She’s been so open about her personal life and has branched out by doing live podcasts and acting.  
  3. Lunchbox – Even though she finds him irritating, she also finds herself wanting to hear what he’ll say next.  
  4. Eddie – She described him as a “fine wine that gets better with age,” and his humor has grown on her.  
  5. Scuba Steve – She doesn’t believe or agree with everything he says, but she respects him for telling it how it is.  
  6. Morgan – Her mother-in-law is from Kansas like Morgan and said she is a bad representation of her people.  
  7. Raymundo – She thinks he is hilarious, and her only complaint was she doesn’t hear enough from him and wants more.