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Morgan Got Hit By Car In Parking Lot

Morgan was in a mall parking lot and while she was walking, she stopped to let a car pass her. Once they passed, she continued to walk across the street, but then the car started to back up and hit her in the hip!  

She thinks the driver didn’t see her because when he hit her, she threw her hands in the air, but he kept going. She had to slam the back of his car for him to stop. She walked to the front of the car, and he had his eyes wide open when he realized what had happened. She has no idea why he started backing up and how he didn’t see her, but she was so startled she just walked away and didn’t get any of his info. She has a bruise on her hip and is sore and has some PTSD from the situation.

After talking with the Bobby Bones Show, she’s considering getting the parking lot video footage and pressing charges.